How to Drink Water While Exercising

So it’s the last day of summer today, here in Ontario, Canada….but you wouldn’t know it based on the scorching hot weather!  When it feels like 34 Degrees Celcius (93 F) outside you better believe I got a serious sweat on during my workout.

When it’s hotter than the surface of the sun and I’m leaping around like a wild animal, trust me I would LOVE to stick my head in a bucket of water and drink the entire thing between intervals….BUT I’ve learned my lessen the hard way too many times to know that this just isn’t going to be the best idea.

You see, without fail, with a belly full of water I’d be doing my burpees with a sloshing in my gut, water creeping up my throat and feeling completely weighed down!  The exact opposite of how I want to feel when I’m trying to be a warrior.  So frustrating when you’re half way through your workout and you just want to get to the finish line.

So I’ve learned a thing or two about how to regulate my water intake so that this doesn’t happen, so here goes…..

Now, this really isn’t rocket science so don’t panic!

Tips for Drinking Responsibly While Exercising

1. Plan Ahead:  because you care about your body and you want the best for it you’re most likely drinking water consistently all day long before you do a workout….right?

Ok, if you aren’t doing this than I highly suggest you start!  You need to hydrate your body to keep your cells happy and clean and the oxygen flowing with ease through your blood.  BUT you can’t expect this to happen when you down a litre of water right before a workout.

So, plan ahead and aim to drink water at least 2 to 3 hours before you start your sweat sesh to insure you are hydrated and ready to go.

2.  Listen to Your Body:  one reason that you may get to the point in your workout where you feel like you could chug a gallon of water is because you’ve ignore the thirsty signals you’ve been getting and have told yourself ….”just one more interval, then I’ll go get some water”…or “I can make it one more kilometer without needing to stop and have a drink”.

Trust me, it doesn’t mean that you didn’t push yourself hard enough, that you’re weak or that you failed your workout because you had to stop to have a sip of water.  It actually means you’re SMART!  You will likely improve your performance for the remainder of your session if you stop and drink when your body tells you to.  So please….LISTEN!

3.  Make is Accessible:  this one seems SUPER simple but the amount of times I’ve had to stop my workout, extend a rest period and scramble to get a drink of water is a little embarrassing.   When I do this it also creates tension and frustration because I’ve been thrown off my rhythm.  So why not prevent this from happening, keep the good vibes going and make it a little easier on ourselves.

So listen up…just pour yourself a glass of water before you start and set it down somewhere that it’s easily accessible….DONE.

4.  Pace Yourself:  this one’s THE MOST IMPORTANT TIP!!!  Even though you are working your @$$ off, you’re hot, you’re sweating like Niagara Falls please DON’T START CHUGGING!!

This can seriously hinder your workout.  You’ll have tidal waives in your gut, you’ll feel weighed down and sluggish and you may experience a bit of a fluid backlash.  Too much of a good thing isn’t always the answer.  It’s better to take frequent breaks to take small sips of your water, than take one break in your workout to chug.

So leave the large quantity gulping for after you’ve finished your exercise to replenish all that fluid that you sweat out like the rockstar that you are.

Happy Hydrating!

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