The Results Are In! What I Got Out of the doTERRA 30 Day Cleanse

So it’s that time!  The time when I tell you all about the wonderfully incredible and miraculous changes that I’ve experienced from my 30 day cleanse I did for the month of January.


Well, the truth of the matter is….I truly feel like I’ve simply become more of who I’m supposed to be.  I wake up every morning feeling alive and energized, I feel focused and ready to tackle the day, I am not constantly crawling out of my skin and busting out of my pants! Haha.  My face is less puffy, my eyes are less red….I’m more me.  


Some of you may be disappointed that I’m not giving you a testimony that proclaims a massive weight loss and complete “transformation” of who I am (though I did lose 2 inches off my waist!).  But, for me, this type of renewal and re-connection to myself is much better.  It’s something that will have staying power and has influenced me in a way that will reflect how I live my life from day to day.  This wasn’t a cleanse with some fad diet that I will never be able to maintain, I incorporated practices that I am completely confident that I will be able to continue to do as part of my life.  It will just be “how I live”.


So let’s get in to some detail about what exactly was involved with this cleanse over the last month.


What my day looked like:


  • wake up at 6 am

  • drink a large glass of water

  • meditate for anywhere from 10-30 minutes

  • Recite affirmations 5 times through (I’ve recorded myself saying them on my phone, so I just press play and listen)

  • eat a clean whole food breakie (for example: homemade oatmeal banana muffins with no added sugar OR two hard boiled eggs with avocado and a side of kiwi or grapefruit)

  • get cleaned up, get dressed and start my work day.


My morning routine really set the tone for the rest of my day so, no matter what was in store for me that day,  I was diligent about sticking to these practices every morning.  Because my day to day varies with where and what I’m doing for work I do have to somewhat go with the flow.  I would make sure to pack a healthy lunch and drink LOTS of water throughout the day.


Another practice that I got the hang of was taking my supplements throughout the day.  doTERRA has a suggested regime of what and when to take and it’s quite easy to follow.  I suggest getting a weekly supplements organizer so that you can put in each container, for each day exactly what you need so that you don’t have to think about it so much.  It makes it WAY easier to remember to take them and keeps it simple.  You can get them at any drug store, walmart, online….lots of places.


This cleanse had three different seasons and with that came different emotional and physical experiences.  When you’re cleansing you are eliminating those substances from your body that have been sitting in hiding, weighing you down and ever so slowly and sneakily influencing the way you feel.  They don’t seem to want to give in without a fight so in the first phase you may feel a little less than awesome.  


Here are some things that I experienced during each phase.

Phase 1 | Initiate | NO PAIN NO GAIN

More physical symptoms noticed during this phase.  Now don’t panic when you read this, I assure you there is a rainbow at the end of of the tunnel.  Part of this process is going through the pains of releasing those toxins that have been weighing you down.  Stick with me.


  • Tired

  • Puffy

  • Foggy

  • Blood shot eyes

  • No serious cravings (yet)

  • Skin breakouts

  • Aching joints and muscles

  • Shakey

  • Nauseous

  • Headache



DigestZen TerraZyme® – Take one right when you wake up, one with each meal, and one before you go to bed, for a total of five.

Zendocrine® Complex and Zendocrine Detoxification Blend – Take one capsule with

breakfast and one capsule with dinner, for a total of two.

Lemon essential oil – Take one to two drops in 8 oz. of water five times per day, totaling ten drops.


NOTE:  All of these body reactions I mentioned were never constant.  They came and went and were never extreme enough to make me quit the cleanse.  I was totally fine to carry on with my daily activities.


Ok, take a deep breath….that part is now over.  Moving on.


 Phase 2 | Ditch | OUT WITH THE OLD

 This phase was definitely more trying on my emotions.  Keep in mind that this is a very gentle cleanse, so these things that I’m telling you that I experienced were never things that were dramatic enough for me to stop doing the cleanse.

  • Less pain

  • Less bloating

  • Skin cleared up

  • Still a little bit of brain fog

  • Irritable

  • Moody

  • Intense cravings

  • Feeling like I was “over it”

  • Really had to remind myself during this phase “why” I was doing what I was doing.  




Continue to take DigestZen TerraZyme®, Zendocrine Complex, and Lemon essential

oil as directed

Take one GX Assist softgel with dinner

Phase 3 | Infuse | IN WITH THE NEW

This phase came with finding my groove.  I really started to feel the benefits of having a clean body inside and out.  This is where the magic happens and habits are formed.  Habits that can be something you incorporate into your life on the daily, if you let them.  


Please let them.


  • Feeling more motivated

  • Empowered and proud of what I’m doing

  • Easy to wake up in the morning

  • More energy in general

  • Focused

  • Alert

  • No bloating

  • Regular stomach movement

  • Clear skin

  • Bright eyes

  • Generally a more positive outlook

  • Down two inches around my waist




Continue to take DigestZen TerraZyme®, Zendocrine Complex, and Lemon essential oil as described in the previous two phases.

Take one DDR Prime® softgel with breakfast and dinner for a total of two softgels per day

Take one PB Assist®+ capsule with each meal for a total of three per day

Am I glad I did this cleanse?


SO GLAD!!  Sometimes I think people go through life not actually realizing how good they could feel.  There current state of general “ok-ness” becomes their new norm and it’s not until you start doing the work to change your baseline that you realize the level of happiness and health that you were existing at before and what you are actually capable of thriving at.


Moving Forward


Some practices I tend to continue doing so that I can live in this vibrant state EVERYDAY


  • Starting my day bright and early

  • Meditating

  • Affirmations

  • Eating whole, clean food

  • Taking my daily supplements

  • Exercising

  • Practicing self love

  • Drinking water


Something exciting for YOU!


I’m going to be leading a group of beautifully daring women through this cleanse this May.  If you are looking to reset and become aware of how good you COULD ACTUALLY FEEL, please join us!  There will be a facebook group created where we can share, vent and encourage each other along the way.  You will get a cleanse guide to follow along and guidance from ME.


If you are interested, please let me know and I’ll share with you what you need to do get yourself set up for success.


“Your life will only change when you become more committed to your dreams than you are to your comfort zone.” -unknown

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