Peppermint Black Bean Brownies: YUM!

Did you guys know you can also cook and bake with essential oils?

Well you can!  Because they are super concentrated they add a flavorful punch that is hard to miss.

For oil information sessions and classes that I teach I like to add a little tasty snack but want to follow suit with the oils theme so I always find recipes that include essential oils in them like my home made chocolate covered peppermint patty recipe (recipe post to come)….drool.

These black bean brownies are SO delicious.  I’ve had them a number of times and they consistently taste just as yummy.  So full disclosure I have not actually made them myself as of yet!  BUT I’m going to be putting the recipe to the test this Friday and I’ll keep you posted on how mine turn out.

I’m seeing a theme here….it looks like I’m just finding new exciting ways to eat chocolate, haha.

Check out the recipe below to give a go!

I’d love to hear if you tried them!  

And, more importantly, if you like them!  Leave me a comment below.

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