It was imprinted on me at a very early age that our bodies are something that we cannot take for granted.  My mom was “that mom” who would put a granola bar with raisins in it (no, not even chocolate chips) and an apple in our lunches as “our treat”.  At the time, while drooling over my bestie’s fruit roll up I was totally devastated, but now I’m so happy that her values for health conscious living have rubbed off on me.

But it definitely wasn’t smooth sailing to get to this point……

It was when my anxiety turned in to depression that I woke up to the fact that my entire existence was running on autopilot.  I had done everything that I thought I was “supposed” to do; go to university, get a full time job with benefits and a pension and yet still…I was falling into an identity crisis quicker than I could keep up with.  I finally woke up and realized that I hadn’t listened to my inner consciousness in a long time.


So what did I do?  I turned inwards and started really asking myself what I most valued and felt passionate about in life.  It was by turning in that I came full circle and made my way back to those values for health conscious living that my mom gifted to me so many years before.


In walks essential oils…..


These beautiful tools walked into my life at exactly the right time.  Coming through my depression, making serious changes in my life that included leaving my 9-5 “dream job” and discovering who I was again left me feeling quite vulnerable and to be honest, sick.  I was dealing with so many physical issues because of the emotional strain that I really didn’t know where to turn to get support. I started using essential oils as tools to ease my physical and mental unease and gained so much comfort and empowerment from them that I now can’t help but share this liquid gold with other people!


If you are someone who is feeling like you are pulled in so many directions in a day you are shocked that your head stays attached to your neck, you are stressed and anxious and need simple solutions that you can bust out as part of your self-love arsenal or you are looking for more options in gaining control over the parts of your wellbeing that you feel you’ve lost control of….YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE!


Hi!  I’m Nicole.  Raised in a small town in Ontario, Canada I’m a nature lovin, big hearted gal with an insatiable desire to write my own happy ending instead of following a done-for-you script that simply does not serve me.  I’ve taken control of the pen and I can help you do it too.


My health coaching certification and essential oil use lend themselves perfectly to being that guiding light for you.  You are not alone in your journey and I want you to know that there are ALWAYS more options when it comes to supporting your mind, body and spirit.  Essential oils will serve it up in a big way, you just have to be willing and open to try that first drop.


Since we’re going to become great friends I figured I should tell you a few things about me.


Here’s your dose of random facts about Nicole for the day!


  1. I have a Bernese Mountain dog, Dexter, who I adore

  2. I’m married to a sweet guy named Steve who is my biggest fan

  3. I have two sisters, I’m the middle child (it’s ok, I’ve dealt with it)

  4. My absolute favourite meal is a wood fired pizza with a glass of red wine (insert drool emoji)

  5. I love camping and go back to the same lake every year in August to exist in my happy place for at least 4 days.

  6. My dream is to live on the water.  I love a vast view and to wake up to the sun rising over the lake everyday would be so so dreamy

  7. I broke my tailbone when I was a kid when the chain unlatched on the swing I was on while I was soaring at the highest point that I could reach

  8. I have seen “dirty dancing” about 180 times and can recite the entire movie

  9. My conscience is abnormally large.  Even when my sister would try to get me to lie to my parents, I just couldn’t do it….what a drag huh? Haha

  10. I use essential oils every single day….morning to night there’s an oil to support me.  My favourite blend right now is this body spray I made with vetiver, lavender, wild orange, douglas fir and rosemary.

Ready to start your essential oil journey?


You can reach out to me via my Contact page to send me a message!


If you want to get started on your own you can click over to my Essential Oils page and dive in to some seriously awesome info to get you going.


I can’t wait to connect with you and to see you living your most vibrant life